We can do almost all the service your bike will ever need here in house at Phat Moose. We've got a good team of mechanics and anyone here is knowledgeable in all aspects of bike service. It's always hard to tell what your bike will cost in terms of service before diving head on and working on your bike. Things go wrong and some service can take a lot longer than initially expected. In general, we work at a $100 per hour rate, but here are the rates for some common service as well as our tunes;


Standard Tune - $120 ($165 for winter/old bikes)

The standard tune is usually what will get your bike back on the road rolling smoothly. From the crankset back, the bike is dissasembled and cleaned, parts are inspected for wear and replaced if needed. The bike receives a thorough cleaning to ensure everything is running smoothly. The drivetrain is re-installed and adjusted accordingly. The brakes are then adjusted and the wheels are trued. After work is completed, a test ride is performed in order to ensure the bike is performing flawlessly. Note - The cost of the standard tune does not include new parts, hydraulic brake bleed, fork service, rear shock service and bearings.

Mechanics time in the stand - 1.5 hrs


Mechanics Tune - Road $350, Front Suspension $400, Full Suspension $500

Bike really creaky? Haven't given it some love in a while? The mechanics tune will fix you right up. We tear the bike down completely to the frame. All components are removed from the frame, cleaned and inspected for wear. Any necessary parts are replaced, the drivetrain is adjusted and the brakes are adjusted. The wheels are tensioned and trued. New cables and housing are installed. Bearings are cleaned and repacked. It's like the bike was built up as new. Note - The cost of the mechanics tune does not include new parts but includes hydraulic brake bleed, fork service and rear shock service.

Mechanics time in the stand - 6 to 8 hrs


Custom Bike Build - $450

We here at Phat Moose love to build bikes up from the frame. Whether you're interested in a new full suspension uber mountian bike or want a really solid commuter bike a custom build is always the way to go. They hold a premium because each component is hand picked for your purposes. Included in the custom bike build cost are two handbuilt wheels, a fully custom spec and bike build.


Handbuild Wheel Build - $Starts at $100

At "The Moose" we pride ourselves with our hand built wheels. We've gained a reputation nationally with the quality of wheel builds we produce. We have a Phil Wood spoke cutter that cuts our high quality blank Sapim spokes to length so that we are rarely ever out of stock of any length in any type of spoke. We then spend quality time with the wheel bringing up the tensions evenly and slowly making sure to de-stress the spokes as we go. The result? A high quality, built to last and durable wheel that will pound out the kilometers.


Fork and Rear Shock Service - $80-$200

Another aspect of bike maintenance where we have built an excellent reputation is that of suspension service. Eric, our head mechanic is a wizard when it comes to suspension. It's amazing, often just with a couple symptoms and a glance at the victim fork or rear shock he can diagnose the problem. Although Eric leads the charge with suspension, all of our staff is familiar with a variety of forks and rear shocks. If there's something that really stumps us, we'll have it shipped off to the proper service center to get you rolling smoothly in due haste.

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